SKILT FOCUS STICKER LABELING MACHINE with 17 years experience, professional manufacturer of automatic bag labeling machine,bag label applicator,bag labeling machine in China.

  • Parameters
  • Main Electrical Configuration
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Model PM-DPM-A
Driving Mode Servo motor control system
Yield(pcs/min) 30-200
Operating direction Left or Right
Conveyor Speed(m/min) ≤40
Labeling Accuracy ±1.0 mm
The inner diameter of label roll 76 mm
The outer diameter of label roll 350 mm(max)
The suitable size of label Width 15-200 mm  length 15-200 mm
The suitable size of labeling products Can customized
Printer use air 5kg/cm ²
Voltage AC 110V/ 220V /380V can customized
Power(w) 1000W
Weight(kg) 300
Machine size 2200(L) 1200 (W)  1600 (H) mm
(machine size can made as client need )
No Name Model Unit Brand
1 PLC control system 288-1ST20-OAAO 1 Set SIEMENS
2 Touch-screen 648-OCC11-3AXO 1 Piece SIEMENS
3 Labeling engine Servo motor 1FL6 034-2AF21-1AA1 1 set SIEMENS
4 Labeling engine Drive 6SL3 210-5FB10-4UA1 1 set SIEMENS
5 Frequency converter 6SL3210-5BB15-5UV0 1 set SIEMENS
6 photoelectric sensor
(check products)
FS-N18N 1 set Japan KEYENCE
7 Photoelectric sensor (Check opaque label) GS61/6.2 1 set German Leuze
Photoelectric sensor (Check opaque and transparent label) GSU 14B/66.3-S12 1 set German Leuze
8 Main transport motor 90YS90DV22 1 set JSCC

1.Visual inspection system & take-out: 
After labeling, products delivery to Visual inspection system, camera start working and detect labeling accuracy good or not,  unqualified product will be take out into waste box;

2. Collecting Device: 
With double layer collection device and conveyor collection device for optional, rather convenient for worker operation ;

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